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What Our Clients Are Saying About Working With Us

“I know every case doesn’t go as smooth as mine but you guys did a fantastic job so……

Almost two years ago, I was in the unfortunate position of needing an injury lawyer. I was on the receiving end of a bicycle vs. automobile accident and ended up in the hospital. Through a friends nudging, I contacted North Bay Law Group for advice on my predicament. Well, it was the smartest thing I had done since putting on my helmet that day. Dave and Mike handled EVERYTHING for me. Dave came to visit me during my 9 day stay at the hospital and made sure that I was not stressing about anything. They put me at ease telling me not to worry about all the bills that were coming in and to just send them all the paperwork. They got the ball rolling by contacting all the insurance companies and telling them to work with them and not me, a HUGE relief. The last thing I needed while trying to recover was having the headaches of dealing with the insurance companies. Both Dave and Mike were very communicative, letting me know what was happening every step of the way. There was never any time where I felt like they were not giving me their undivided attention. They had an answer to all of my questions, which there were plenty. While I can only hope to never need them again, if I do, I will not hesitate to call. They handled every aspect of my case with the professional care one would expect from a world class law group. I cannot thank them enough.”

Rob Tocchini, Alameda, CA

“I was in a bad bike accident and in need of representation. I carefully looked at my options and chose North Bay Law Group. They seemed to care about me the most and were by far the most personable. At the end of the day they exceeded my expectations in regard to settlement and were wonderful to work with on all levels. I am grateful for their dedication and most importantly timely actions. “

Joshua Deitch, Mill Valley, CA

“Some months after a car accident, I realized that my injuries were likely more serious than I originally assumed. Treatment looked like a long term proposal and I did not have the wherewithal or energy to fight my own battles. Luckily I was referred to North Bay Law Group who immediately jumped in and took my case on. Over the course of many months of recovery I received considerate and compassionate calls to check in on my progress. Frankly there were times when I was so frustrated at the slow healing that I wished the case would just go away. Obviously North Bay Law Group has been through this before and provided reassurance and guidance along the way.

Most impressive was when we got to the settlement phase, which exceeded my expectations, considering the limitations of my case. I accepted an offer that “nearly” made up for a couple years of suffering. It’s likely I will continue to need treatment for the pain I have since the accident, but thanks to North Bay Law Group‘s superb efforts in getting a fair resolve, I have some reserve to continue payment.

It’s my hope that no one I know will NEED legal counsel, but if they did, I would highly recommend North Bay Law Group. Who EVER says they miss their lawyer after a case settles? I do!”

In all sincerity,

Carie Harris, Mill Valley, CA

“My experience with North Bay Law Group was awesome. Their knowledge, commitment and professionalism with my case was second to none. North Bay Law Group…one heck of a team!”

Erick B. Petaluma, CA

“The North Bay Law Group is a trusted professional organization. We are fortunate to have such an organization.

I would work with this organization again if the need would arise. Thanks for your great professionalism.”

Don Lounibos, Petaluma, CA

“I highly recommend David Harris and the North Bay Law Group for your legal needs. In a world where honest, reputable lawyers are hard to find, it was a pure delight to work with trustworthy David! In a case that was fairly complicated with few easy answers, David did his homework and we were able to prevail in an unlikely circumstance. David is smart, thorough, and highly dependable! If you want honesty combined with skill, definitely connect with the North Bay Law Group.”

Best regards,

Dr. Barbara Galyen, Larkspur, CA

“I didn’t know what to expect from a law firm, but North Bay Law Group gave me all that I could have expected and more. Before contacting them I thought the lawsuit would be really involving and complicated for me. Reflecting back, the people at North Bay Law Group knew just what to ask and seemed to be sadly familiar with cases like mine involving problem employers. I discovered that all I needed to do was tell them my side of the story, and they did the rest. They fought for me and my co-workers, and the process led to not only a meaningful class action settlement for all of us (and an enhancement award for me), but also a small sense of justice served.”

John Chisholm, formerly of Oakland, CA

“Mr. Harris was more than willing to take my case and I .. the settlement was agreeable to me, and he was more than helpful.”

Marjorie Jules, Novato, CA