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Are You Getting Paid For The Hours You Worked?


People are forced to work off the clock every day in California. They work long hours with no breaks and are shorted overtime pay, and their employers manipulate their timecards. In addition, many Californians face sexually hostile work environments, day in and day out, due to the behavior of their bosses, co-workers or customers. Others battle discrimination in the workplace and in hiring.

Despite the fact that we are protected from such mistreatment at work under both state and federal laws, far too many employers continue to foster wage theft, discrimination and harassment. The North Bay Law Group is dedicated to standing up for the rights of employees and holding employers accountable when they violate labor laws.

Our Priority: Protecting Your Rights In The Workplace

Reporting to a job every day where your rights are violated is unacceptable. If you believe that you may be a victim of wage violations, discrimination or sexual harassment, we can address your concerns and help you seek justice and compensation.

It is illegal for your employer to fire you in retaliation for pursuing a legitimate employment law complaint.

At North Bay Law Group, we are passionate about fighting for the labor rights of residents of northern California. We provide responsive, personalized and efficient legal counsel regarding a number of employment law disputes, including:

  • Discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace and during the hiring process
  • Retaliation, wrongful termination and constructive termination (being forced to quit)
  • Wage and hour law violations involving overtime, minimum wage, meal breaks, rest breaks, business expense reimbursements, the payment of timely wages and the misclassification of independent contractors and nonexempt workers

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If you believe that your employer violated your rights, contact us online or call 415-326-7262 to schedule an initial consultation. Our office is located in Mill Valley, and we can meet with clients throughout northern California.