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Dog bite injury scenarios differ with victims’ ages
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Dog bite injury scenarios differ with victims’ ages

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Dog bites

Dogs make great pets and can be loyal companions. Unfortunately, not all California dog owners are responsible and take the time to property train their pets. Training is necessary to prevent dogs from causing accidental and attack-based injuries to humans and other animals.

An interesting report discussed by the medical website WebMD suggests that dog bite and attack scenarios can vary greatly based on the age of a victim. This post will explore some of those differences and what they may mean concerning liability for dog owners when their pets cause injuries.

Injury in adults

The report noted that in adults, dog attack injuries often arise from situations where people are intervening or providing support to stressed dogs. Those situations include stopping or stepping into dog fights, attempting to help injured or hurt dogs, and restraining dogs who were acting in defense of their owners. In these situations, dog attack victims were adults, voluntarily stepped into situations in which dogs were showing aggression, and sustained incident-related harm.

Injury scenarios in children

Unfortunately, many children are hurt and seriously wounded by dogs each year. The scenarios in which kids are hurt by dogs can look very different from those in which adults are hurt. The report noted that young children have been bitten and hurt by dogs when they take dogs’ food, surprise or touch unsuspecting dogs, or approach dogs who are with their puppies. Children often suffer bites to their heads and necks in dog attacks.

One important takeaway from this comparison is that children can be hurt by dogs when they create stress through food, surprise, or threat. Children should be supervised around pets, and when dog owners allow young children to access their animals without safeguards or supervision, they may open the door to liability if those dogs cause injuries. As dog bites and attacks can result in serious harm, it is important that victims and their families understand their rights and options under the law.