North Bay Lawyer Representing Dog Bite Victims


Dog bite injuries can be catastrophic, causing serious infections, permanent scarring, disfigurement and even death. Dog attacks also cause emotional wounds, which can result in lifelong scars for children.

Located in Mill Valley, the North Bay Law Group helps dog bite victims obtain the compensation they need to heal. Our founding lawyer David S. Harris represents animal attack victims throughout Marin County, Napa County, Sonoma County and the surrounding areas.

What Are Your Legal Options After A Dog Attack?

Under California law, dog owners are held strictly liable for damages caused by their dogs. This means victims are not required to prove that a dog owner's negligence resulted in a dog attack or that a dog was aggressive or dangerous.

If a dog bite has occurred, you deserve compensation. Plain and simple.

Many people hesitate to file dog bite lawsuits, because they feel conflicted about compelling dog owners to pay their medical bills and damages out of pocket. The dog owner in your case might be a neighbor, friend or even a family member. Dog bite claims are typically paid by the dog owner's renters or homeowners insurance policy, so you need not feel uncomfortable pursuing a claim.

While insurers typically pay out dog bite and dog attack claims, be aware that insurers are notorious for lowballing victims. This is where we come in.

Fighting For The Compensation You Deserve

We help our clients obtain fair settlements following dog bites or attacks. It is important to us that dog bite victims receive compensation for all of their resulting medical expenses and the related current and future financial needs.

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We believe dog bite victims should have access to proper medical and rehabilitative care, and they should be compensated for these expenses and other losses. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a dog attack in the North Bay Area, contact us online or call 415-326-7262 for a free consultation with an experienced dog bite attorney.